2012 Alignment of Planets

The most commonly discussed alignment in 2012 deals with only the Milky Way, the Sun, the Earth and Venus. There is actually more than one 2012 alignment to consider. Viewed from the Earth, our solar system has high and low locations of planets and start clusters. As we stand on the ground and look up at space, the concept of the solar system is different than viewing it from above because the rest of the solar system moves around the Earth from our point of view. The solar system is a vast plate shaped array of planets and stars called the Milky Way. During the course of the known history of the world, we have always been located at the top edge of this platter of matter.

The 2012 alignment known as the Galactic Alignment will bring about a change that begins on December 21, 2012. It is said that this particular arrangement of the planets and the dark rift at the center of the Milky Way is occurring for the first time since the creation of our current age, our current world. For the first time in recorded history, instead of looking out over the top of the galaxy, we will be looking at it from beneath the galactic plane.

There are those who are convinced this event could place the Earth in danger of being sucked into a black hole at the center of the dark rift in the Milky Way. Others feel that since a somewhat similar alignment involving just the sun and the Milky Way takes place on Winter Solstice every December, that this is just a lot of to do over nothing. But there are other odd planetary placements set to occur in the sky with this 2012 alignment that will place us below the plane of the Galactic Equator for the first time in the known history of the world.

At the same time that we look down the galactic rift from the opposite side of the Galactic Equator, there will also be an annular solar eclipse and Venus will transit across the face of the sun. So in 2012 this alignment is not only placing Earth on an intersection with the Galactic Equator, but doing so precisely aligned with the center of the Galaxy where maximum mass exists. This heavy mass means an increase in gravity creating more influence from the barycenter in our Sun. Astrologers and some astronomers predict this will all line up to deliver untoward effects on Earth.That means rapid increases in solar disruptions as part of this heavenly phenomena.

In addition to all of that due to arrive with the 2012 alignment, two other oddities are set to take place in our solar system. One of them is known as the Galactic Cross which is connected to the Key of Solomon. This formation is the result of the rest of the planets in our solar system lining up in the opposite direction of the Milky Way to create an actual cross formation in the heavens. The Galactic Cross has been awaited since the early days of the world of this current age that we live in. The Galactic Cross alignment is of particular interest to Mystery Schools, secret societies and the occult.

The Cherokee have a Constellation of the Rattlesnake that is unlike any other ancient culture’s sky mapping formations. The Rattlesnake is to appear in the sky in 2012 according to their ancient calendar on December 18, 2012 and marks the beginning of Time Untime that will last for three days. So this means that Time Untime will end on December 21, 2012. Not a great deal of information is published about the Constellation of the Rattlesnake. There is more to the story, but the Cherokee have not been forthcoming with the remainder of their forefather’s instructions. Their reasoning is simple, they do not know that we need the rest of the information and perhaps in time it will become clear that it is of use to the rest of the world. From the sounds of it the Constellation of the Rattlesnake could be the same as the Galactic Cross alignment.

The year 2012 also presents us with the solar maximum, an event that will remain in effect all year. This is expected to be an exceptionally strong solar max by NASA who has stated in print on their website that they expect the 2012 solar max to be a “doozie”, possibly as severe as 1958 or even worse than that. Add to that the gravitational effects the approaching Galaxy will add to the influence of the Sun’s damaging activity and it is easy to see that December 21, 2012 could very well be a most ominous Winter Solstice.

Whether you chose to join the group who prefers to insist that the 2012 alignment will be absolutely no different than the last few Winter Solstices, is completely your choice. Before you make up your mind though, it would be wise to not forget that the governments of the world are expecting something of catastrophic proportion to take place, and soon. They are hastily building and filling a doomsday seed bank far beneath the ground on an Arctic island, and there are some luxury bunkers of rather large proportions being constructed in Russia and at least one other location in the vicinity of the Far East. Then take a look at the Hopi legends of the Ant People, which will lead you to wonder if the reason they have survived so many previous ages of Earth is because at one point long ago, their people escaped devastation by going underground.


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